Financial Institutions

Coinstar Can Help Your Business Attract New Customers

A Hassle-Free Coin Counting Solution

Coinstar® machines provide a hassle-free solution for your customers’ coin-counting needs without inconveniencing staff or the bottom line.

With more than 21,000 machines worldwide, Coinstar recycles 43 billion coins every year, making us not only a clear industry leader but the best coin-counting solution for your business. Consumers already know and trust Coinstar, and that means you don’t need to waste time or money dealing with machines.

Coinstar provides a turnkey service that will strengthen existing customer loyalty, increase deposits, and attract and retain new branch traffic. With no capital investment, and no maintenance fees, your staff can focus on customers instead of coin counting. Our entire fleet of machines are owned, maintained and serviced by Coinstar, which means there is no financial or reputational risk for your business.

We provide your customers with options for their coins:

  • Cash vouchers
  • Charity donation

For consumers, visiting a financial institution is typically a planned trip with a goal of saving, acquiring, or transferring funds. With Coinstar, financial institutions can be completely full-service, helping customers meet all of their financial needs in one place so they can maximize their spending—or saving—power.

With Coinstar machines, financial institutions benefit from:

  • A proven platform that undergoes rigorous testing to ensure highly accurate machines
  • Improved staff efficiency
  • Hassle-free, turnkey coin pickup and processing service
  • The highest degree of voucher security in the industry
  • Exceptional uptime and unlimited free technical support
  • Machine-specific accounting reports, available weekly and monthly

For more information please contact:

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